The Background and Beginnings of the Humble Cardboard Box

The cardboard box really does play an important part of our
lives! To the point where we might take its purpose for granted, even when we
might not be doing it consciously. Whenever we go through the hassle of moving
to a new house, send goods to another party or order something online – the
cardboard box is always there to help us in our time of need.

With that in mind, does anybody know how this underestimated
piece of equipment came to be an unsung hero? A critical part of society? Let’s
dial the clock back all the way to the 1800s.

Who Receives the Credit?

Before the term ‘cardboard box’, the commercial paperboard
box first came around the 1800s, more specifically in 1817 where, sometimes,
the credit of the invention goes to English firm M. Treverton & Son.
Interestingly, cardboard box packaging was made in Germany in exactly the same
year. The Germans really know how to come up with a product that tends to take
off, don’t they?

Pre-cut cardboard boxes, which is what we’ve become so
familiar with, came as a result of an accident in 1890. Robert Gair, who was
originally born in Scotland but working in Brooklyn, was a paper-bag maker in
the 1870’s. His responsibility was to produce seed bags. However, rather than
making an order of seed bags as instructed, he accidentally cut the bags rather
than creasing them.

This was because the metal ruler inside the machine shifted
out of position. Nonetheless, this led to an interesting discovery. Mr Gair
realised that by having the metal ruler both cut and crease the materials in a
swift motion, the machine could in fact produce prefabricated boxes.

If he could do this, then applying this motion to corrugated
boxboard was extremely straightforward when the material became widely
available by the time the turn of the 20th century.

Widely Celebrated

So, how do we take the cardboard box seriously? By giving it
a national day, of course! That’s right, National Box Day is celebrated on June
19th every year! After all, we have so much to be thankful of the
cardboard box for – just ask any parent or cat owner. To the untrained eye, the
box is simply a way of transporting goods or storing old household items.

However, to parents of either children or cats, the
cardboard box is a whole different dimension. Is it any wonder that in 2005,
the cardboard box was included in the National Toy Hall of Fame? Madness! The
slinky must be raging!

Children have managed to turn a mundane item such as the
cardboard box into a completely new world that only they will truly appreciate,
whilst cats…just love anything they can get their claws on, quite frankly.

Self Storage Oulton Broad

Crazy historic facts aside, the cardboard box does bless us
with a purpose that simply cannot be underestimated. If, as mentioned above,
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keeping track of all of your possessions. If you find there isn’t the space for
your goods, again storing them securely could be the better option rather than
getting rid of them completely. What would you use to store them, you ask?
Cardboard boxes! We’ve officially come full circle!

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