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Beat the chill and keep your contents safe

The UK winter not only sees cold weather take hold but also vast differences in temperature. From -4 to +4 in a matter of days, these large fluctuations can play havoc with your stored items.

At this time of year, using outbuildings, a garage or the shed to store items  may keep them dry but won’t protect them form the temperature or dampness that comes in the air.

In these conditions paper will get crispy and look worn or faded.Books bound with  glue could dry up and crack, papers with wood pulp content discolor and get very brittle. Thermal print paper (such as receipts) turns completely black and obscures the text printed on it.

Clothes are also prone to the dampness in the air which will bring mildew, which may be irretrievable. Wines and drinks can also freeze and thaw making glass brittle and contents taste different.

Some items will survive a winter in your outbulding but watch the cardboard box you stored them in. The temperature changes will affect the tape used to secure that box and the box floor could get damp affecting the weight it can carry meaning you could pick up your box and watch the content spill onto the floor.

At Waveney Self Storage we offer a climate controlled environment, meaning it will always stay a regulated temperature inside, no matter what the weather outside is doing.

We can also store your bulky items like snow shovels or sleds, and with easy access you can pick them up just in time for when you need them.

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