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Getting Your Home Ready For Xmas

What has happened to this year? It seems as if the whole of
2018 has just flown by without any of us noticing! Christmas is very much soon
upon us, and so it the time to get everything prepared and ready for the
special day. With that in mind, here’s a handy list of things we think you need
to take into consideration!

Clear Out? Self Storage Norwich!

Have you concluded that you can’t store everything you don’t
need over Christmas? Making room for company can be a bit of a hassle,
especially when it means moving potential clutter from one room to the next.
Here’s where renting out a storage container may be beneficial. Here at Waveney
Storage, we can provide you with a cost-effective way of making sure objects
like furniture and other items are kept safe over the festive period.

Large items such as sofas, desks and chest of drawers are
perfect examples of what you can store in our units, so you’re never in danger
of trying to cram everything and everyone into one space.

Decorations Aplenty

Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without the decorations!
Maybe you’re preparing for a battle with your neighbour as to who has the best
outdoor decorations, or you’re just focusing on making the inside of your house
look like Santa’s grotto! Either way, there’s no such thing as too many festive
lights or tinsel. If you have children, decorating your house ready for
Christmas just makes the occasion that little bit more special.

Dusters at the Ready!

Before you do get overly festive with the decorations and
laying out the presents, get your spring-clean head on. Granted, it’s December,
but there’s never a bad time to have an old-fashioned scrub. There’s no point
putting up the Christmas tree in the presence of cobwebs or trying to hang your
fairy lights in streaky windows. Make sure your home is spick and span, so your
decorations can be seen in all their glory!

Make a List, Check it Twice

Write a list of everything you may need over the Christmas
holidays. This includes food, household products and toiletries. Checking it
twice won’t do you any harm, either! Common items people miss off the list are
things like toilet roll, extra cutlery, bread and foil.

Self Storage Santa’s Grotto

Hiding presents from your friends and family is always an
interesting experience. Especially if you have children, those little
detectives can find a needle in a haystack! That’s why storing your gifts in
our secure storage containers is perfect for maintaining the mystery before the
big day.

You tend to find gifts that are obvious to identify when
wrapped are the best type of presents to store away somewhere hidden. You can’t
disguise a bike, unfortunately. Bulky items such as new furniture and other
homeware are also difficult to store out of sight. Don’t risk cluttering your
home with gifts all over the place – store them nicely and secretly in a self
storage Norwich based unit instead.