In the Summertime is Your Furniture Fine?

There’s plenty to bask in when summer eventually rolls
around in the UK, other than the sunshine. Dresses, flip flops, shorts, BBQ’s
and the sunset arriving later and later. Absolute bliss! Who can forget the
classic summer tunes as well? Best way to spend the brightest part of the year.

However, amidst the perks and pina coladas, a level of
caution has to be considered. Protect your skin from the UV rays, as well as
your furniture. Admittedly, the latter seems a little outside-of-the-box, but
using a Mungo Jerry classic, ask yourself this:

“In the summertime and the
weather is hot, you need to ask yourself is your furniture fine?”

Fading Fabric

“You got fading, colour fading on your mind!”

Alas, furniture care is something that is often found at the
bottom of the priority list, if anywhere at all. This especially applies if you
have a conservatory in your home. The fabrics that are sitting within the
natural sunlight can fade over time if left unprotected.

To combat this, you can either buy some throws or blankets
to cover the furniture you deem to be at risk of fading. Alternatively, you can
always place any furniture important to you either sentimentally or financially
in self storage, so as to protect the fabrics during the summer months. Maybe
you have a unit with furniture you use especially for the summertime? The old
switcheroo never fails!

Wood Furniture

Looking after your coffee table and other wood furniture
requires a bit more trickery than fabric furniture. Depending on the material
of the wood, UV light exposure can lead to discolouration. To maintain the
wood’s natural aesthetic finish, you can apply sealants to keep its shape and
image, even in the presence of the glorious sunshine.

If that method is deemed an inconvenience, again you might
want to consider shifting any wooden furniture into a self storage unit. That
way, you know you’ll be returning it to its bets condition come Autumn. Be sure
to cover any furniture placed in self storage to minimise any dust

Leather Items

A leather sofa is an absolute peach of a sitting place
throughout winter, somewhere to cosy into and warm up. In the summertime, you
tend to find you’re peeling yourself off like Velcro. What is important when it
comes to leather furniture is that you don’t allow it to dry out and
subsequently crack. Repairing this damage, depending on the severity, can be
costly. Sometimes you can get away with just using a conditioner to replenish
the shine and natural oils in the material. If the damage is severe, however,
it might lead to partial or complete replacements.

Because it’s easy for leather furniture to diminish in
appearance, you may be better off placing leather items away from natural
sunlight or, better still, place it in a secure self storage unit. As mentioned
above, if you have alternative furniture you prefer to use in the summertime,
you’re giving your more expensive furniture every opportunity to maintain its
life span.

Self Storage Norwich

If you’re interested in placing any furniture items into a
secure self-storage unit, you can get in touch with us here at Waveney Storage.
We understand how important your possessions are, so we’re absolutely on board
with keeping them safe. Our plans give you the ultimate level of flexibility,
so you’re always in control.

With that said, it’s time to drag the BBQ out the shed, dig
out the sunglasses and enjoy what is hopefully going to be another scorcher! If
only football was coming home!