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It’s Marigold Season – Have You Done Your Spring Clean?

Dusters at the ready, it’s Spring time! That’s right, wash away the winter blues and dig out your best gardening tools as it’s that time of the year already. The washing can start to go out on the line, deck chairs
can be dragged out from the shed and the traditional Spring clean of your house can commence! No more excuses!

However, there may still be one thing standing in your way. Clutter! If, like a lot of people, you store a lot of items in your home, chances are you’re fighting for space. Fear not, as we may hold the solution you’ve been looking for!

Declutter and Cleanse

Some look upon a Spring clean as an absolute bore of a chore, but some can see the therapeutic benefits it can bring. Regardless of how you approach it, there are two key elements of a spring clean – declutter and cleanse.

The former is especially important. If you’re thinking of attempting a spring clean before you’ve even attempted to declutter your home, you’re a maverick! Getting rid of things you hardly use anymore can almost be looked at as a cleansing of the soul, if you care to think on such a spiritual level.

Once you have managed to clear out your clutter, now the deep clean can begin. Before you know it, your home will be spit and span!

Where Do I Put My Stuff?

Broadly speaking, it all depends on what you have cleared out in the first place. Things like seasonal decorations and clothes can be stored away in self storage. Items that you know you simply won’t use again or no longer want can be donated (where appropriate) or recycled.

If you take your Spring clean seriously, items such as sofas, chairs and other furniture can also be put away in self storage, so you have complete access to the floors and skirting boards. When you’ve finished,
simply return the furniture to its rightful place knowing you’ve scrubbed from top to bottom!

Self Storage Bungay

Putting your clutter and furniture into self storage not only opens up your home for cleaning purposes but also perhaps considering a change in décor altogether while you have the space available.

Situations like this are just one of the reasons why self storage Bungay based units exist in the first place. Without such arrangements, you might find yourself awkwardly trying to paint your lounge and constantly worrying about whether the dust sheets are falling off the sofas!

Benefits of Using a Self Storage Unit

There are many benefits to using a self storage unit, not just for spring cleaning purposes but for many others, too. Benefits include the following:

Secure and Safe

During your spring clean, be safe in the knowledge that the items you store will be kept safe at all times. Here at Waveney Storage, our units are manned 24/7 with security systems and CCTV, so only you can access your particular unit at any given time.

Clean Units

Don’t worry, your furniture won’t collect dust and debris as it sits inside one of our units! If you store it correctly and cover it adequately, it’ll be ready for when you decide to pick it back up to move back in.

Flexible Plans

Whether your furniture needs to be stored for a couple of hours or even a few weeks, we have an array of plans to suit you. There’s no point in signing up to a long-term contract if you only need the space temporarily, so feel free to have a chat with one of our team who will be able to advise.