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How to Properly Preserve and Protect Your Furniture

Furniture storage is one of our most popular services or features here at Waveney Self Storage. It probably comes as no surprise either, if you think about it. From spare office furniture and equipment to treasured items and memories you’re saving for your children. Businesses and domestic properties both benefit from self-storage – no matter the requirement.

Instead of trying to make room for your precious items, give them a home of their own. Self-storage in Beccles, Loddon, Norwich or Great Yarmouth couldn’t be easier! Based between Norfolk and Suffolk; we’re easily findable from Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Essex too!

If you’re thinking of putting some furniture away, we have some handy tips for you below to properly protect your items. This will help preserve them for long-term self-storage.

A Good Clean

It goes without saying really, but before you store your furniture you should give each item a good clean. A simple wipe down may be sufficient. If not, make sure you use an appropriate cleaner for the type of material. It’s also important that you let your items dry – as you may trap moisture inside when you wrap/cover the furniture.

Disassemble as Much as Possible

This is all about common sense really. There are some items that are more easily transported in one piece. And then there are those that can be disassembled to make things much quicker and labour intensive. Items such as beds, dining room tables and desks are all examples of this.

This not only lightens the load – it also creates more space in your van or mode of transportation. For example, a desk with all its drawers and legs removed is much easier to pack! Make sure you group items together and wrap them together too – so there’s minimum confusion when it comes to reassembling at a later date!

Cover or Wrap Your Items

Bubble wrap is a storage person’s best friend! Honestly, such a humble invention but a great one! This material is great for your fragile items and those with pointed/sharp edges. However, it’s not always the best choice as bubble wrap is made out of plastic.

If you’re storing wooden of fabric items, plastic wrapping can often suffocate the materials and cause condensation or nasty smells. Fabric covers, sheets or blankets will protect from dust but still allow the materials to breathe.

Approach it Like Tetris

The temptation to just throw things in your unit, with no real thought to placement, is all too tempting. Especially if you have heavy furniture, and you’ve already lifted it in and out of the van before getting to your unit!

To maximize the space you have – approach the situation like a game of Tetris. Careful placement will not only allow you to fit more in, but your furniture will be more protected too. The key here is to leave adequate space in-between your items!

Choose Storage Units with Humidity Control

Humidity or climate control is a massive benefit when it comes to self storage in Norfolk. The weather in the UK isn’t great at the best of times. But when we do get sunshine, we enjoy it well here in East Anglia!

Humidity control will help maintain your furniture’s condition, in comparison to storing your items in a humid loft space or damp basement area.

Self-Storage in Norfolk and Suffolk

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