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Protecting Your Furniture from Sunlight

It isn’t often we say this, but isn’t this summer a scorcher? We’ve had more than our usual share of BBQs and hot, sunny afternoons in the garden this year; but there are some downsides to all this hot weather! Sunlight can damage your most valuable pieces of furniture, like that expensive antique couch in your lounge or your wooden desk in the study.

So how you can you protect your furniture from the harmful (but delightful) rays of the sun this summer? Stand by – we’ve got a few tips to help you out!

Protect Fabrics from Fading

Your expensive couch or favourite armchair isn’t safe from the harmful effects of sunlight during the summer months, particularly when the British summer is at its height! Although delicate fabrics like linen and silk will fade more quickly than acrylic and polyester, no fabric is 100% safe from the sun’s rays.

Darker and more vibrantly coloured fabrics will fade more quickly while lighter shades will show fading less – something to think about if you’re choosing a couch to situate in-front of a window.

For indoor furniture that sits in a sunny spot (or a conservatory), choosing outdoor fabrics designed to withstand the elements is a good idea.

Prevent Wood Furniture from Discolouration

Depending on what type of wood your furniture is made from, the UV rays of the sun can fade the material or darken it. You can protect your furniture by applying a sealant such as varnish, lacquer or oil/wax. Each sealant works differently, with oil or wax being the quickest and easiest to apply, although you will need to re-apply it regularly.

Water-based varnish, which comes in a range of finishes from matt to gloss, protects well against sunlight and dries quickly. It’s also very durable, making it a popular choice. Lacquer also goes a long way to protect your furniture not only from the sun but also from knocks and bumps. It dries fast for long-lasting protection, but make sure you don’t use it on very soft wood or wood with a coarse grain (such as oak).

Being mindful of your furniture’s exposure to the sun is also helpful. Relocate items during the summer months (if possible) and move pieces (such as lamps and vases) around frequently to distribute the wood’s exposure to sunlight. This prevents dark or faded areas where items have been sitting.

Eliminate Cracked and Faded Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is prone to drying out, cracking and fading under the sun’s intense rays. When sun hits leather for long periods of time it causes the material’s natural oils to evaporate. You can protect your leather couch or armchair by drawing blinds or curtains, positioning it away from windows and conditioning the leather twice a year to protect it. If your leather couch has already faded slightly, using a colour restoring product can help to restore some lustre.

There is one sure-fire way to protect your furniture from this summer’s soaring temperatures and sunny days. By placing your most valuable items in storage until the sun packs its bags again for a long winter, you can ensure your most precious pieces won’t suffer any sun damage.

Whether you’re the proud owner of several pieces of antique furniture or just have some beautiful wooden tables and chairs that you don’t want to become faded in the sunshine, you can contact us at any time to find out more about our secure, low-cost self storage facilities. Your furniture will be completely safe and secure whilst also being protected from humidity and the sun’s damaging UV rays.