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Puppy Proofing Your Home and Furniture

Man’s best friend has lived alongside us for thousands of years and they often become an important part of the family. They help us to work, keep us safe and, perhaps best of all, they entertain us. As wonderful and cute as adult dogs can be, though, they are no comparison to puppies. These little bundles of fun can melt even the hardest of hearts and are such a pleasure to be around.

As adorable and fun as they are, though, puppies can also be a lot of work. They require training if they are to learn how to live around the home whether in Lowestoft or anywhere else and their playfulness can also make them quite destructive.

Until it learns better, a puppy will quite happily chew on a chair leg or anything else within reach. In addition to causing physical damage, they can also put themselves at risk, especially in the presence of chemicals and electrical appliances etc. With this in mind, it is wise to ensure that your home is puppy proof before you bring a new companion home to Bungay or elsewhere in and around Norwich.

Place Chemicals High Up

Cleaning products, in particular, are likely to contain chemicals that can cause a lot of harm to a puppy. Other products such as paints can also be harmful, so you should make sure they are kept well out of reach. Should you have anything in the home that could be harmful, make sure that it is placed high up in a cupboard or similar where it is out of harm’s way. If you aren’t sure whether or not something is dangerous, you should keep it out of the way regardless just to be sure.

Cover and Tidy Cables

To a puppy, a cable would be like a toy that is to be played with, and this often means chewing. This presents an obvious hazard if the cable is connected to the mains power supply and the consequences could be disastrous. When taking on a new puppy, make sure to keep cables well out of the way so they can do no harm. You can buy cable guards that help keep them well covered while also helping to keep them neat and tidy for improved aesthetics.

Tidy Up After You

Puppies will play with anything. This means jewellery, remote controls, toys, tools… anything. If it can fit in their mouth, then it is fair game, and they will have no concept of potential hazards. Sharp objects can cause nasty cuts while small objects can cause choking hazards.

Objects can also cause a lot of trouble in ingested where they could cause problems internally. Before bringing a puppy home to Norwich, and whenever there is one in the home, tidy up as much as possible to make sure there’s nothing lying around that could hurt your pup.
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To a puppy, those expensive chairs that have been in the family for generations will be little more than a chew toy. Small, sharp teeth can do a great deal of damage, so it is best to keep valuable items in a safe place. With this in mind, you might want to consider safe storage options in Norwich or Great Yarmouth for furniture and other items, so they can come to no harm.

All in all, puppy proofing a home is largely a case of common sense. Look around the home and try to put yourself in the shoes of a puppy that wants to bite, chew and eat everything in reach. Keep things out of reach so that the puppy cannot get hold of them and you will be helping to keep your valuables, and your puppy, safe.