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Self storing your garden furniture could save you money

A bench in AutumnWinter is coming. The high winds and cold mornings mean we need to consider putting away the garden furniture away until the Spring.

Storing garden furniture is never easy, a good seat or a garden bench does not easily pack neatly into the corner. Add in the barbecue, parasol and other elements and you could quickly be running out of space. If you are storing in a garage our outbuilding you may need some rearranging to ensure the furniture is behind those Halloween and Christmas decorations!

With Self Storage you could comfortably store all your garden furniture without clogging up your garage or outbuilding.

Putting your garden furniture away is not just about keeping it looking good for next season, it is also protecting your investment. If you have wicker furniture or steel framed furniture, for example,The wicker will expand and contract throughout the cold weather damaging the material and the steel could potentially rust, shortening the life of your furniture.

Keeping your garden furniture in self storage will ensure they are kept in a dry and temperature controlled environment so there should be no rusting and a lot less wear and tear. We also offer furniture covers which could help keep it clean.

Customers storing their garden furniture this week have been picking up their Halloween decorations!