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Taking Your Storage and Security Very Seriously

Security and cost are the two biggest concerns amongst most customers looking for self-storage units. Understandably so, you want to know your items and personal possessions are safe, but without paying out the nose for the privilege!

Here at Waveney Self Storage our prices are more than competitive. Even so, can you really put a cost on the safety and preservation of your precious and/or valuable belongings? Costs can be bartered, negotiated and tailored. However, safety is paramount and fixed – your items are either sufficiently protected – or they are not. It’s as simple as that.

The whole team here at Waveney take security very seriously. Whether you require self-storage in Lowestoft, Halesworth or Great Yarmouth – your items are on lock down and totally secure! See below for our full security features.

Twenty-Four-Hour Security

Members of security staff are on premises around the clock, every day of the year. Now we have to admit, we’re not ninjas! We’ve seen a Bruce Lee film or two but we’re not exactly Hollywood’s finest looking here! But what we are is extremely meticulous, careful and well experienced in the field of self-storage security.

We keep your items secure from all risks – from potential thieves and trespassers to pesky rodents and insects. Although, in reality, they are both the same, right?

CCTV Assistance

As good as our security staff may be, their eyes can’t be everywhere all at once. Our CCTV cameras can be though! Our people are the ears on the ground, whilst our cameras are the eyes in the sky. Not only does this help with our security operation in real time, it also allows us to record for future use. If in the very rare event something does happen, we will have it all on tape!

Redcare Intruder Alarm System

To further ensure you have total peace of mind – we also employ a Redcare intruder alarm system. Redcare is the UK’s most reliable alarm signalling provider and one we have total confidence in. This is the only company of its kind to be backed by BT technology.

Intruder alarm systems provided by Redcare produce a signal that is sent out to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Here, the signal is monitored twenty-four-hours a day. The alarm system will alert us here at Waveney, any other nominated persons and emergency services when necessary.

Humidity Control

Security means more than protecting just your unit – you must also consider the security of the items placed inside. How you pack and position your items for storage is down to you. However, when it comes to protecting the quality of your items once they’re stored, we can sure give you a helping hand there!

How? With humidity control! Humidity control helps to maintain your furniture’s condition. This is a lot better than storing your items in a humid attic or damp basement. If you’re thinking long-term storage in Norfolk – humidity control is a must!

Expert and Professional Packaging Materials

Need a hand wrapping or packing your items to ensure they are safe and secure? We have a range of packaging materials available here at Waveney. Whatever your requirements are we are here to help. Get a quote online today or call 01502 679911 to find out more.