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Top Tips for Selling Products Online

Thanks to the contributions from the internet, everybody has
the potential to be both a customer and a retailer. Small businesses are
popping up every day, whilst some people prefer to just sell their old items
online via social media or eBay. If you’re venturing into the idea of
selling your items online, here’s some tips to get your feet firmly under the
table and into the world of buying and selling.

Know Your Own Stock

Before you set up your profile and start listing
willy-nilly, you need to know exactly what it is you’re selling. Certain items
have certain technical specifications that could be the difference between a
quick glance and a guaranteed sale. It’s important that you list every little
detail that you can with your product, so anybody who views it isn’t left
asking questions about the item.

There is another way you can look at knowing your stock.
Don’t think to yourself that you can just sell whatever you want, because it
isn’t that simple. Think about the items you’re thinking of selling. Do they
have certain sentimental value? Will you miss that item? Is it even sellable?
These questions need answering before you potentially make a mistake.

Take Care of Your Stock – Self Storage Units

If your home is also your warehouse, things can easily get damaged.
Storage boxes, product packaging and the products themselves are the most
common causes of customers returning their goods due to damage. This is where
it may be beneficial to consider renting out a secure storage unit. Here at
Waveney Storage, our units range from 25ft² to 200ft², meaning you can store
any level of stock required. That way, you can be assured that the risk of
damage is kept to the absolute minimum.

Don’t Limit Yourself to eBay!

Although it is arguably one of the most popular ways of
selling your products, eBay isn’t the only source of shifting your
stock. Apps such as Shpock and websites such as Gumtree and even Facebook
are gaining more popularity as a way of advertising your goods.
Maybe you have stock that would appeal a specific audience, so therefore you
need a site which appeals to those niche customers. These different avenues
could further promote your stock which only improves your chances of securing a

Be Wary of Payment

You hear so many horror stories of people being scammed out
of their own money and losing out on stock due to faulty/false payments made.
It’s scary how incredibly easy it is to be fooled into thinking customers have
sent you the payment required before delivery. That is why it is imperative
that you take advantage of secure online payment platforms like PayPal.
Their security measures and payment guarantee mean that if things should go
wrong, you’re always covered.

It is highly advised that you never resort to just offering
your sort code and account number, so they can send the money via Direct Bank
Transfer. You don’t get the same level of confirmation as a PayPal
payment offers!

Photo Quality Must Be Impressive

This is obvious, but make sure your pictures are of a high
quality. Customers will be less inclined to investigate purchasing your goods
if they can’t clearly see what’s on offer. Create a photo-shoot style backdrop
to your stock, rather than just placing your goods on the dining room table.
Nobody wants the ambiguity of whether they’re getting a salt shaker in for

If you have any questions about our units and what they can
do to help your small business, give us a call and we’ll be glad to help!