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Winter Storage: Garden Tools and Equipment

Now that winter has well and truly come upon us, it is time to get our homes ready in preparation
for the cold season. This can involve sprucing up the living room ready for the Christmas decorations,
getting your presents sorted and making sure the boiler is working!

However, due to the natural drop in temperature, there is one thing to take into consideration for
the outside of your home too. You may lessen how often you tend to your garden and therefore,
your equipment is used less frequently. So, let’s look at how you can look after your garden tools so
they’re ready to go again once Spring arrives!

Keep Them Clean

In order to maintain longevity of your tools, it’s vitally important that you keep them clean. This can
be achieved in several ways, depending on the materials. If your tools have wooden handles, simply
keep them clean by giving them a rub with a damp warm cloth before leaving them somewhere
warm to dry. Once these have dried, avoid keeping them in cold spaces so as not to attract dirt or

For the metal components of your garden tools, perhaps polish or specialised metal cleaner can be
beneficial to keep them shiny. Sharpening your blades can also be good for tools such as shears and
your lawnmower.

Battery and Fuel Powered Tools

Your battery-powered tools are at risk of the cold, as exposure to the cold over a long period of time
can cause the battery to wear down. It is advised that if you can, detach the battery from any
equipment and keep them out of the shed, whilst keeping the rest safely stored.

As for your petrol-fuelled tools, it is imperative that you try not to keep petrol stored inside the
equipment. Strimmers and lawnmowers are two of the most common petrol-fuelled equipment you
can own, so if they were to falter due to the cold, you could be left in a tough situation come the

In any case, the emphasis is on keeping any equipment covered and stored appropriately.

Tidy Your Shed

The cold has a nasty habit of transferring to warmer areas, so places such as against the shed doors
and walls are prime areas. Tidying your shed will allow you to make room to store your tools in
places where it is harder for the cold to travel.

You may find tools and other bits and bobs you simply don’t use anymore, in which case you can
simply dispose of them. However, if like a lot of us, you keep items in the shed on the off chance you
may end up using them, you can choose to place them in self-storage.

Spacious Self Storage Units Norwich

Combining the space of your shed and self-storage could be an excellent temporary solution to your
storage problems. If you’re considering upscaling the size of your shed and need somewhere safe to
put everything during the process, self-storage is there to help.

However, especially during the Winter, if you don’t want to store any garden tools whatsoever in
your shed, the units here at Waveney Storage are more than capable of keeping your tools safe,
clean and protected from the elements.

Ask Away!

Should you have any questions about the ins and outs about garden tool storage, you can give us a
call with your queries. Materials such as petrol aren’t allowed in our units so there may be a case of
preparing your tools for the safest level of storage, but we’re always here to help should you need it.