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In need of affordable and secure Self Storage in Waveney Valley? If you need safe, inexpensive and easily accessible personal self-storage and business document storage in Waveney Valley, do get in touch with us at Waveney Self-storage.

We are ideally situated just south of Waveney Valley, in the town of Beccles, Suffolk. We are easy to locate just off the A143 and A146, and can be quickly accessed from Norwich, Great Yarmouth and other surrounding areas of both Norfolk and Suffolk.

Our self-storage rooms vary in size from between 25 sq./ft to 200 sq./ft. No matter the size of space you need, we can definitely accommodate you. Our storage facility offers, 24-hour security, BT Redcare Intruder Alarm systems and CCTV monitoring. With our handy Space Estimator tool, you can easily work out that approximate size of space you need, but feel free to contact us if you require further assistance.

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Want accessible & affordable Self Storage in Suffolk? Are you looking for safe, inexpensive and conveniently located self-storage for your personal and/or business documents and items in Suffolk? Then get in touch with us at Waveney Self-Storage.

We are ideally located within the county of Suffolk, in the town of Beccles. Located just south of Norfolk, we are easily accessible from Norwich, Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth.
Our storage rooms vary in size from 25 sq./ft to 200 sq./ft. No matter how small or large the space you need, we can accommodate you. Using our helpful Space Estimator, you should be able to get a good approximation of the capacity you need, but do not hesitate to contact us for any further guidance. Our well-secured units come with 24- hour security, BT Redcare Intruder Alarm systems and CCTV monitoring.

Key features of our domestic storage services include

Feel free to access your storage unit at any time during our opening hours, during which you can use our trolleys to transfer your items. Take advantage of our comprehensive storage insurance to further safeguard your property. We also offer storage facilities for vehicles and caravans. Contact us for more information on this service.

Waveney Self-Storage has provided Suffolk with safe and affordable storage facilities for over 5 years. Come to us for clean and dry facilities that perfectly suit your budget and needs.

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Looking for Self Storage in Norfolk? At Waveney Self-Storage we offer safe, affordable and easy to access self-storage facilities for both personal use and business document storage in Norfolk.

We are ideally situated just South East of the centre of Norfolk in the town of Beccles, Suffolk. Our site is easily accessible from Norwich, Great Yarmouth and the neighbouring counties of both Norfolk and Suffolk.

Our self-storage spaces vary in size from between 25 sq./ft to 200 sq./ft. This means that however big or small the space capacity you need, we certainly have the room to match. You can easily make use of our Space Estimator to figure out the approximate amount of space you will need, but do not hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance. Our secure units come with 24-hour security presence, CCTV, and BT Redcare Intruder Alarm systems.

Key features of our domestic storage services include

Gain access to your storage unit at any time during our working hours using your own key. Load/unload your item indoors using one of our helpful trolleys. You can also take advantage of our comprehensive storage insurance in case anything goes wrong. We also offer storage facilities for vehicles and caravans – do contact us for more information on this.

We have been a key provider of Self Storage to Norfolk residents for over 5 years, with well-maintained, clean and dry professional storage facilities that are both secure and inexpensive.

It’s Marigold Season – Have You Done Your Spring Clean?

Dusters at the ready, it’s Spring time! That’s right, wash
away the winter blues and dig out your best gardening tools as it’s that time
of the year already. The washing can start to go out on the line, deck chairs
can be dragged out from the shed and the traditional Spring clean of your house
can commence! No more excuses!

However, there may still be one thing standing in your way.
Clutter! If, like a lot of people, you store a lot of items in your home,
chances are you’re fighting for space. Fear not, as we may hold the solution
you’ve been looking for!

Declutter and Cleanse

Some look upon a Spring clean as an absolute bore of a
chore, but some can see the therapeutic benefits it can bring. Regardless of
how you approach it, there are two key elements of a spring clean – declutter
and cleanse.

The former is especially important. If you’re thinking of
attempting a spring clean before you’ve even attempted to declutter your home,
you’re a maverick! Getting rid of things you hardly use anymore can almost be looked
at as a cleansing of the soul, if you care to think on such a spiritual level.

Once you have managed to clear out your clutter, now the
deep clean can begin. Before you know it, your home will be spit and span!

Where Do I Put My Stuff?

Broadly speaking, it all depends on what you have cleared
out in the first place. Things like seasonal decorations and clothes can be
stored away in self storage. Items that you know you simply won’t use again or
no longer want can be donated (where appropriate) or recycled.

If you take your Spring clean seriously, items such as
sofas, chairs and other furniture can also be put away in self storage, so you
have complete access to the floors and skirting boards. When you’ve finished,
simply return the furniture to its rightful place knowing you’ve scrubbed from
top to bottom!

Self Storage Bungay

Putting your clutter and furniture into self storage not
only opens up your home for cleaning purposes but also perhaps considering a
change in décor altogether while you have the space available.

Situations like this are just one of the reasons why self
storage Bungay based units exist in the first place. Without such arrangements,
you might find yourself awkwardly trying to paint your lounge and constantly
worrying about whether the dust sheets are falling off the sofas!

Benefits of Using a Self Storage Unit

There are many benefits to using a self storage unit, not
just for spring cleaning purposes but for many others, too. Benefits include
the following:

Secure and Safe

During your spring clean, be safe in the knowledge that the
items you store will be kept safe at all times. Here at Waveney Storage, our
units are manned 24/7 with security systems and CCTV, so only you can access
your particular unit at any given time.

Clean Units

Don’t worry, your furniture won’t collect dust and debris as
it sits inside one of our units! If you store it correctly and cover it
adequately, it’ll be ready for when you decide to pick it back up to move back

Flexible Plans

Whether your furniture needs to be stored for a couple of
hours or even a few weeks, we have an array of plans to suit you. There’s no
point in signing up to a long-term contract if you only need the space
temporarily, so feel free to have a chat with one of our team who will be able
to advise.

The Background and Beginnings of the Humble Cardboard Box

The cardboard box really does play an important part of our
lives! To the point where we might take its purpose for granted, even when we
might not be doing it consciously. Whenever we go through the hassle of moving
to a new house, send goods to another party or order something online – the
cardboard box is always there to help us in our time of need.

With that in mind, does anybody know how this underestimated
piece of equipment came to be an unsung hero? A critical part of society? Let’s
dial the clock back all the way to the 1800s.

Who Receives the Credit?

Before the term ‘cardboard box’, the commercial paperboard
box first came around the 1800s, more specifically in 1817 where, sometimes,
the credit of the invention goes to English firm M. Treverton & Son.
Interestingly, cardboard box packaging was made in Germany in exactly the same
year. The Germans really know how to come up with a product that tends to take
off, don’t they?

Pre-cut cardboard boxes, which is what we’ve become so
familiar with, came as a result of an accident in 1890. Robert Gair, who was
originally born in Scotland but working in Brooklyn, was a paper-bag maker in
the 1870’s. His responsibility was to produce seed bags. However, rather than
making an order of seed bags as instructed, he accidentally cut the bags rather
than creasing them.

This was because the metal ruler inside the machine shifted
out of position. Nonetheless, this led to an interesting discovery. Mr Gair
realised that by having the metal ruler both cut and crease the materials in a
swift motion, the machine could in fact produce prefabricated boxes.

If he could do this, then applying this motion to corrugated
boxboard was extremely straightforward when the material became widely
available by the time the turn of the 20th century.

Widely Celebrated

So, how do we take the cardboard box seriously? By giving it
a national day, of course! That’s right, National Box Day is celebrated on June
19th every year! After all, we have so much to be thankful of the
cardboard box for – just ask any parent or cat owner. To the untrained eye, the
box is simply a way of transporting goods or storing old household items.

However, to parents of either children or cats, the
cardboard box is a whole different dimension. Is it any wonder that in 2005,
the cardboard box was included in the National Toy Hall of Fame? Madness! The
slinky must be raging!

Children have managed to turn a mundane item such as the
cardboard box into a completely new world that only they will truly appreciate,
whilst cats…just love anything they can get their claws on, quite frankly.

Self Storage Oulton Broad

Crazy historic facts aside, the cardboard box does bless us
with a purpose that simply cannot be underestimated. If, as mentioned above,
you’re in the process of moving home, self storage is an extremely handy way of
keeping track of all of your possessions. If you find there isn’t the space for
your goods, again storing them securely could be the better option rather than
getting rid of them completely. What would you use to store them, you ask?
Cardboard boxes! We’ve officially come full circle!

Finding the right solution to your storage issues can be
potentially tricky and its important that you find the right place for you.
Ideally, somewhere that can offer you any long-term plans for a financially
viable price. Here at Waveney Storage, we may be able to offer you just what
you’re looking for!

In the Summertime is Your Furniture Fine?

There’s plenty to bask in when summer eventually rolls
around in the UK, other than the sunshine. Dresses, flip flops, shorts, BBQ’s
and the sunset arriving later and later. Absolute bliss! Who can forget the
classic summer tunes as well? Best way to spend the brightest part of the year.

However, amidst the perks and pina coladas, a level of
caution has to be considered. Protect your skin from the UV rays, as well as
your furniture. Admittedly, the latter seems a little outside-of-the-box, but
using a Mungo Jerry classic, ask yourself this:

“In the summertime and the
weather is hot, you need to ask yourself is your furniture fine?”

Fading Fabric

“You got fading, colour fading on your mind!”

Alas, furniture care is something that is often found at the
bottom of the priority list, if anywhere at all. This especially applies if you
have a conservatory in your home. The fabrics that are sitting within the
natural sunlight can fade over time if left unprotected.

To combat this, you can either buy some throws or blankets
to cover the furniture you deem to be at risk of fading. Alternatively, you can
always place any furniture important to you either sentimentally or financially
in self storage, so as to protect the fabrics during the summer months. Maybe
you have a unit with furniture you use especially for the summertime? The old
switcheroo never fails!

Wood Furniture

Looking after your coffee table and other wood furniture
requires a bit more trickery than fabric furniture. Depending on the material
of the wood, UV light exposure can lead to discolouration. To maintain the
wood’s natural aesthetic finish, you can apply sealants to keep its shape and
image, even in the presence of the glorious sunshine.

If that method is deemed an inconvenience, again you might
want to consider shifting any wooden furniture into a self storage unit. That
way, you know you’ll be returning it to its bets condition come Autumn. Be sure
to cover any furniture placed in self storage to minimise any dust

Leather Items

A leather sofa is an absolute peach of a sitting place
throughout winter, somewhere to cosy into and warm up. In the summertime, you
tend to find you’re peeling yourself off like Velcro. What is important when it
comes to leather furniture is that you don’t allow it to dry out and
subsequently crack. Repairing this damage, depending on the severity, can be
costly. Sometimes you can get away with just using a conditioner to replenish
the shine and natural oils in the material. If the damage is severe, however,
it might lead to partial or complete replacements.

Because it’s easy for leather furniture to diminish in
appearance, you may be better off placing leather items away from natural
sunlight or, better still, place it in a secure self storage unit. As mentioned
above, if you have alternative furniture you prefer to use in the summertime,
you’re giving your more expensive furniture every opportunity to maintain its
life span.

Self Storage Norwich

If you’re interested in placing any furniture items into a
secure self-storage unit, you can get in touch with us here at Waveney Storage.
We understand how important your possessions are, so we’re absolutely on board
with keeping them safe. Our plans give you the ultimate level of flexibility,
so you’re always in control.

With that said, it’s time to drag the BBQ out the shed, dig
out the sunglasses and enjoy what is hopefully going to be another scorcher! If
only football was coming home!

How Can Your Business Benefit from Self Storage?

It goes without saying that good organisation skills within
a business correlates with how productive a business can become. So, how can a
business ensure it maintains a high level of organisation? By having
exceptional levels of storage. That way, any and all possessions involved with
the company can be kept in one secure location. There’s no such thing as
organised chaos, despite what others may try and tell you!

With that being said, self storage could be the answer that
businesses are looking for in their quest for adequate storage facilities.

Important Documents

As much as storing important documentation on-site is
preferable, sometimes companies might be forced to look off-site for storage
facilities. This could be down to a number of reasons which include lack of
space or the building they operate within isn’t secure enough.

Fortunately, places like self storage units can be handy for
short term storage of important documents such as employment records. If you
wish to go down this road to declutter your building or simply move the
documents to a more secure area, you must choose a unit which offers a premium
level of security.

Self storage units that offer secure access via a pin,
round-the-clock surveillance and individual locks are all ideal for holding
secure items. That way, you can be safe in the knowledge that not only have you
cleared some space in your building, but you’ve also taken every precaution
possible to secure your important documents.

If you want to find out more information about secure self
storage units, get in touch with us here at Waveney Storage.

Table for Two, By the Shutter

Even businesses such as restaurants, cafés and bistro bars
can take advantage of using a self storage unit. Bulky items such as tables,
chairs, barstools and high chairs can take up precious space if your business
location isn’t the largest.

If you’ve dedicated the majority of your space for customer
use and don’t have anywhere to store your equipment, maybe a self storage unit
can put an end to that particular issue. Location and logistics are key for
this to work, so be sure you’re able to easily transport the equipment to and
from your business.

Not Necessarily Used for Storage

Believe it or not, we’ve seen a shift in the way self
storage units are used. Typically, they are traditionally used for storing
household items or bulky business equipment. However, as more of the UK
population jump on the self-employed bandwagon, they are being converted into
base operations for people’s businesses. This provides a plethora of benefits
for the owner, both financially and spaciously. Not only do you cut costs on bills
such as electricity and heating, but with security systems in place, you can
rest assured your stock is in extremely capable hands.

Self Storage Corton

If you have a small business in Corton, or anywhere around
Norwich for that matter, then maybe a self storage unit could be the way
forward for you. Essentially, it doesn’t matter what you have to store, within
reason of course. There are exceptions of what you can put into self storage,
such as harmful chemicals.

Also, as much as you can practically run your business from
your self storage unit, unfortunately you have to go home at the end of the
day. Accommodation isn’t really part of the deal!

Rather than fork out on expensive storage plans, we here at
Waveney Storage could offer you a solution that benefits everybody involved. If
you have any questions about using one of our self storage units, don’t
hesitate to get into touch!

Top Tips for Selling Products Online

Thanks to the contributions from the internet, everybody has
the potential to be both a customer and a retailer. Small businesses are
popping up every day, whilst some people prefer to just sell their old items
online via social media or eBay. If you’re venturing into the idea of
selling your items online, here’s some tips to get your feet firmly under the
table and into the world of buying and selling.

Know Your Own Stock

Before you set up your profile and start listing
willy-nilly, you need to know exactly what it is you’re selling. Certain items
have certain technical specifications that could be the difference between a
quick glance and a guaranteed sale. It’s important that you list every little
detail that you can with your product, so anybody who views it isn’t left
asking questions about the item.

There is another way you can look at knowing your stock.
Don’t think to yourself that you can just sell whatever you want, because it
isn’t that simple. Think about the items you’re thinking of selling. Do they
have certain sentimental value? Will you miss that item? Is it even sellable?
These questions need answering before you potentially make a mistake.

Take Care of Your Stock – Self Storage Units

If your home is also your warehouse, things can easily get damaged.
Storage boxes, product packaging and the products themselves are the most
common causes of customers returning their goods due to damage. This is where
it may be beneficial to consider renting out a secure storage unit. Here at
Waveney Storage, our units range from 25ft² to 200ft², meaning you can store
any level of stock required. That way, you can be assured that the risk of
damage is kept to the absolute minimum.

Don’t Limit Yourself to eBay!

Although it is arguably one of the most popular ways of
selling your products, eBay isn’t the only source of shifting your
stock. Apps such as Shpock and websites such as Gumtree and even Facebook
are gaining more popularity as a way of advertising your goods.
Maybe you have stock that would appeal a specific audience, so therefore you
need a site which appeals to those niche customers. These different avenues
could further promote your stock which only improves your chances of securing a

Be Wary of Payment

You hear so many horror stories of people being scammed out
of their own money and losing out on stock due to faulty/false payments made.
It’s scary how incredibly easy it is to be fooled into thinking customers have
sent you the payment required before delivery. That is why it is imperative
that you take advantage of secure online payment platforms like PayPal.
Their security measures and payment guarantee mean that if things should go
wrong, you’re always covered.

It is highly advised that you never resort to just offering
your sort code and account number, so they can send the money via Direct Bank
Transfer. You don’t get the same level of confirmation as a PayPal
payment offers!

Photo Quality Must Be Impressive

This is obvious, but make sure your pictures are of a high
quality. Customers will be less inclined to investigate purchasing your goods
if they can’t clearly see what’s on offer. Create a photo-shoot style backdrop
to your stock, rather than just placing your goods on the dining room table.
Nobody wants the ambiguity of whether they’re getting a salt shaker in for

If you have any questions about our units and what they can
do to help your small business, give us a call and we’ll be glad to help!

Winter Storage: Garden Tools and Equipment

Now that winter has well and truly come upon us, it is time to get our homes ready in preparation
for the cold season. This can involve sprucing up the living room ready for the Christmas decorations,
getting your presents sorted and making sure the boiler is working!

However, due to the natural drop in temperature, there is one thing to take into consideration for
the outside of your home too. You may lessen how often you tend to your garden and therefore,
your equipment is used less frequently. So, let’s look at how you can look after your garden tools so
they’re ready to go again once Spring arrives!

Keep Them Clean

In order to maintain longevity of your tools, it’s vitally important that you keep them clean. This can
be achieved in several ways, depending on the materials. If your tools have wooden handles, simply
keep them clean by giving them a rub with a damp warm cloth before leaving them somewhere
warm to dry. Once these have dried, avoid keeping them in cold spaces so as not to attract dirt or

For the metal components of your garden tools, perhaps polish or specialised metal cleaner can be
beneficial to keep them shiny. Sharpening your blades can also be good for tools such as shears and
your lawnmower.

Battery and Fuel Powered Tools

Your battery-powered tools are at risk of the cold, as exposure to the cold over a long period of time
can cause the battery to wear down. It is advised that if you can, detach the battery from any
equipment and keep them out of the shed, whilst keeping the rest safely stored.

As for your petrol-fuelled tools, it is imperative that you try not to keep petrol stored inside the
equipment. Strimmers and lawnmowers are two of the most common petrol-fuelled equipment you
can own, so if they were to falter due to the cold, you could be left in a tough situation come the

In any case, the emphasis is on keeping any equipment covered and stored appropriately.

Tidy Your Shed

The cold has a nasty habit of transferring to warmer areas, so places such as against the shed doors
and walls are prime areas. Tidying your shed will allow you to make room to store your tools in
places where it is harder for the cold to travel.

You may find tools and other bits and bobs you simply don’t use anymore, in which case you can
simply dispose of them. However, if like a lot of us, you keep items in the shed on the off chance you
may end up using them, you can choose to place them in self-storage.

Spacious Self Storage Units Norwich

Combining the space of your shed and self-storage could be an excellent temporary solution to your
storage problems. If you’re considering upscaling the size of your shed and need somewhere safe to
put everything during the process, self-storage is there to help.

However, especially during the Winter, if you don’t want to store any garden tools whatsoever in
your shed, the units here at Waveney Storage are more than capable of keeping your tools safe,
clean and protected from the elements.

Ask Away!

Should you have any questions about the ins and outs about garden tool storage, you can give us a
call with your queries. Materials such as petrol aren’t allowed in our units so there may be a case of
preparing your tools for the safest level of storage, but we’re always here to help should you need it.

Getting Your Home Ready For Xmas

What has happened to this year? It seems as if the whole of
2018 has just flown by without any of us noticing! Christmas is very much soon
upon us, and so it the time to get everything prepared and ready for the
special day. With that in mind, here’s a handy list of things we think you need
to take into consideration!

Clear Out? Self Storage Norwich!

Have you concluded that you can’t store everything you don’t
need over Christmas? Making room for company can be a bit of a hassle,
especially when it means moving potential clutter from one room to the next.
Here’s where renting out a storage container may be beneficial. Here at Waveney
Storage, we can provide you with a cost-effective way of making sure objects
like furniture and other items are kept safe over the festive period.

Large items such as sofas, desks and chest of drawers are
perfect examples of what you can store in our units, so you’re never in danger
of trying to cram everything and everyone into one space.

Decorations Aplenty

Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without the decorations!
Maybe you’re preparing for a battle with your neighbour as to who has the best
outdoor decorations, or you’re just focusing on making the inside of your house
look like Santa’s grotto! Either way, there’s no such thing as too many festive
lights or tinsel. If you have children, decorating your house ready for
Christmas just makes the occasion that little bit more special.

Dusters at the Ready!

Before you do get overly festive with the decorations and
laying out the presents, get your spring-clean head on. Granted, it’s December,
but there’s never a bad time to have an old-fashioned scrub. There’s no point
putting up the Christmas tree in the presence of cobwebs or trying to hang your
fairy lights in streaky windows. Make sure your home is spick and span, so your
decorations can be seen in all their glory!

Make a List, Check it Twice

Write a list of everything you may need over the Christmas
holidays. This includes food, household products and toiletries. Checking it
twice won’t do you any harm, either! Common items people miss off the list are
things like toilet roll, extra cutlery, bread and foil.

Self Storage Santa’s Grotto

Hiding presents from your friends and family is always an
interesting experience. Especially if you have children, those little
detectives can find a needle in a haystack! That’s why storing your gifts in
our secure storage containers is perfect for maintaining the mystery before the
big day.

You tend to find gifts that are obvious to identify when
wrapped are the best type of presents to store away somewhere hidden. You can’t
disguise a bike, unfortunately. Bulky items such as new furniture and other
homeware are also difficult to store out of sight. Don’t risk cluttering your
home with gifts all over the place – store them nicely and secretly in a self
storage Norwich based unit instead.