Jingle Bells, Windy Spells, Summer Stuff Stored Away!

Oh what fun, it is to hide, all your summer gear all away! Because otherwise – it’s just in the way! Seriously though, it’s that time of year where everyone’s thermostat is working overtime and we’re all just ambling around the place like tired, frozen zombies. Yes, winter is officially upon us and the icy chill that comes with it brings a whole host of changes to your daily life.

You’ll be wearing a lot more clothes, and seeing a lot less daylight, that’s for sure! Another thing we say goodbye to temporarily is our summer stuff. This can mean different things for residential or commercial environments, but the notion remains the same.

Carry on reading to see examples of summer-exclusive items that will need somewhere to hibernate over the coming months.

Summer Garden Furniture

Garden chairs, tables, patio umbrellas and sun loungers are all examples of summer garden furniture. These are great during the warmer months, but often wasted and exposed to the harsh elements during winter. Sheltering from the winter wind and rain is particularly important if you have wooden furniture. This helps to prevent green algae and/or mould from taking hold.

This is also true for commercial properties that may have wooden benches outside, or patches of grass that feature places for people to relax in the sun. Throughout winter it is important to close off such areas for health and safety reasons – as ice can be extremely dangerous.

Barbecue Equipment

Your barbecue equipment is a continuation of the above too. These things don’t last very long during the British winter! Rot, mould and breakages can all occur due to moisture and frozen conditions. If you’re a business owner that likes to treat their employees to a summer BBQ every now and then, you don’t want to waste money replacing your equipment ever year!

You could get yourself a cover, but nothing will protect your stuff better than storing it away safely, away from harm. Plus it makes your garden look a lot less ghastly, removing the snow-covered dome and cooking tools!

Summer Sports Gear

Some sports are best played in the winter, whilst others are most definitely not! Boating, kayaking, sailing and anything else performed on water – you may not fancy this on the wrong side of November! We don’t blame you either! Keep your equipment safe, dry and in one place by locking them up in storage.

Kids Garden Toys and Accessories

We saved one of the most obvious examples until last – children’s stuff! This stuff gets absolutely everywhere! You probably have enough toys inside your house to even contemplate those scattered across your lawn. So why not remove the potential for worry completely and clear the garden of the mess?

Self-storage will ensure your children’s sandpit, paddling pool, pedal cars and whatever else will remain protected and ice-free all winter.

Self-Storage in Norfolk and Suffolk

If you’re looking for extra space to store your summer stuff in the Norfolk or Suffolk areas – we can certainly help with that! From self-storage in the Waveney Valley, to storage facilities in Beccles and Great Yarmouth. We’ve got storage units available in sizes to suit all needs. Get a quote online today or call 01502 679911 to find out more.

Take advantage of our spring storage offers, why not have a spring clean?

Spring is nearly upon us at last!  Are you moving home? Or preparing to spring clean  your home or office?  If of course you do need to free up the space, get in touch with us here at Waveney Self Storage to find out about our Spring offers.

Our choice of a number of different sized units allows you to store your belongings in the most cost effective way and in the best environment possible.  Our access is 7 days a week and we can also help you ‘out of hours’ by prior appointment.

Our units provide you with the quality you need.  They are purpose built within an insulated warehouse with climate control therefore maintaining the best environment for your belongings.

We can help you with your move by recommending local van hire companies as well as removals.  Please call us to discuss.

Beat the chill and keep your contents safe

The UK winter not only sees cold weather take hold but also vast differences in temperature. From -4 to +4 in a matter of days, these large fluctuations can play havoc with your stored items.

At this time of year, using outbuildings, a garage or the shed to store items  may keep them dry but won’t protect them form the temperature or dampness that comes in the air.

In these conditions paper will get crispy and look worn or faded.Books bound with  glue could dry up and crack, papers with wood pulp content discolor and get very brittle. Thermal print paper (such as receipts) turns completely black and obscures the text printed on it.

Clothes are also prone to the dampness in the air which will bring mildew, which may be irretrievable. Wines and drinks can also freeze and thaw making glass brittle and contents taste different.

Some items will survive a winter in your outbulding but watch the cardboard box you stored them in. The temperature changes will affect the tape used to secure that box and the box floor could get damp affecting the weight it can carry meaning you could pick up your box and watch the content spill onto the floor.

At Waveney Self Storage we offer a climate controlled environment, meaning it will always stay a regulated temperature inside, no matter what the weather outside is doing.

We can also store your bulky items like snow shovels or sleds, and with easy access you can pick them up just in time for when you need them.

Click here to learn more about our storage options this winter.


Self storing your garden furniture could save you money

A bench in AutumnWinter is coming. The high winds and cold mornings mean we need to consider putting away the garden furniture away until the Spring.

Storing garden furniture is never easy, a good seat or a garden bench does not easily pack neatly into the corner. Add in the barbecue, parasol and other elements and you could quickly be running out of space. If you are storing in a garage our outbuilding you may need some rearranging to ensure the furniture is behind those Halloween and Christmas decorations!

With Self Storage you could comfortably store all your garden furniture without clogging up your garage or outbuilding.

Putting your garden furniture away is not just about keeping it looking good for next season, it is also protecting your investment. If you have wicker furniture or steel framed furniture, for example,The wicker will expand and contract throughout the cold weather damaging the material and the steel could potentially rust, shortening the life of your furniture.

Keeping your garden furniture in self storage will ensure they are kept in a dry and temperature controlled environment so there should be no rusting and a lot less wear and tear. We also offer furniture covers which could help keep it clean.

Customers storing their garden furniture this week have been picking up their Halloween decorations!




Bank Holiday Clear Out? Keep it safe with Norwich Self Storage

Bank holidays are a great opportunity to clear out those cupboards or start a new DIY project. After a bank holiday, especially a wet bank holiday we see a lot of customers looking for new space to keep the stuff they just can’t throw away.

And with school holidays coming to an end across Norwich and Norfolk, it could be time to pack away those bikes and scooters until the sunshine returns, or at least the next half term.

Based just outside Norwich, Self Storage from Waveney Self Storage means you can easily reach us and unload all your precious stuff until you need it again. With climate controlled storage and 24 hour CCTV, your precious items will be safe until you need them again.

5 reasons to use Self Storage

Have you ever considered Self Storage? Customers use Waveney Self Storage to help for a number of reasons. Here are five of the most popular reasons for using self storage.

1. Space. Extra space or lack of space is the biggest reason people choose Waveney Self Storage. With self storage you don’t have to get rid of your stuff just because you run out of space or need that extra space in your house. Having your own self storage area means you can move your contents in with us and access it when you need to.

2. Storing seasonal items. Love skiing but hate the skis and clothing cluttering up the house? With self storage you can keep those bulky seasonal items out of the house and retrieve them when you need. With flexible units you could be storing tennis rackets, patio tables, bikes or anything you don’t need for a while.

3. Decorating or Renovating your home. Self storage can offer the short term space to safely store your contents while you redecorate. it can also be used to store that extra paint, timber and decorating materials you don’t have room for.

4. Waterproof, climate controlled storage. You may have the space at home, in a garage, outbuilding or barn but the chances are it may be slightly damp and not climate controlled. The storage of precious items, from books to fine wine in an outbuilding can lead to damage through water or swings in temperature. By keeping them in climate controlled self storage you will be confident they will not be damaged by dampness, cold or heat.

5. Travelling or moving abroad. Our self storage facilities are protected with 24 hour CCTV and Redcare Intruder alarm system. This means you can store precious contents knowing they will be protected whilst you are out of the country. If you are relocating abroad, self storage or spare items or sentimental content can be cheaper than lengthy and expensive international shipping.

We have self storage units of many sizes, try our storage calculator to see how much space you need or call us to discuss your needs.